Ross Buchanan

Presenter, Absolute Radio Weekend Breakfast & Writer


Ross currently presents on Absolute Radio and writes for Vice UK. He is also co-host of the popular climate change and sustainability podcast, What On Earth?

Ross started out his career as a teenage singer/ songwriter, with his debut single achieving a top 10 in the iTunes charts.

While at University, Ross put on indie discos at his local club, which regularly sold out. Whilst doing this, he answered the phones on BBC 5Live and worked on documentaries for various networks.

After winning the British Council’s prestigious SRA Selector (including a trip to Mexico), Ross landed himself a show on the UKs national station, Radio X. From there, he quickly progressed from weekend overnights to getting his own indie disco on a Friday and Saturday night.

Ross then made the transition to Absolute Radio where he’s regularly heard across the networks and seen on the red carpet.

When he’s not working, at a gig, or writing about climate change, Ross is regularly seen posing with puppies on Instagram.


  • Writer, Vice UK
  • Presenter, Absolute Radio Weekend Breakfast
  • Presenter, Radio X
  • Winner, SRA Selector, British Council